A Story Worth Telling

The Astrup Fearnley Group represents 150 years of history, growth and excellence in the areas of shipping and offshore services. This fascinating legacy is a success story created by generations of dedicated professionals and the Astrup Fearnley Family.


Key historic milestones through 150 years in business.


Thomas Fearnley

Fearnleys dates back to the year 1869 when its founder, Thomas Fearnley, established a shipbroking and agency business in Christiania, as the city of Oslo was known in those days.



In connection with its trading activities the company bought shares in vessels and chartered vessels. By 1881 the partnership of Fearnley & Eger established the Christiania Steamship Company.


Shipping Services

In the beginning of the 1900s Fearnley & Eger became, more or less, a shipowning company and invested in ever larger units. In addition to these shipowning activities, the firm continued to engage in developing its offering in the area of shipping services and was engaged primarily in the area of dry cargo shipbroking.


Innovation Focus

As the tanker industry started to develop, Fearnleys became enthusiastically involved in this new field of endeavour. Later on, when the transportation of gas by sea became an important area of commerce, Fearnleys developed a broking department which specialized in this new commodity.


Hans Rasmus Astrup

Hans Rasmus Astrup becomes the sole owner of Astrup Fearnley.


Offshore Services

Always on the cutting edge of new trends, the Fearnley became involved in offshore rig and supply broking, coinciding with the onset of the development of the Norwegian continental shelf offshore oil fields. Fearnley Offshore & Fearnley Offshore Supply was founded in 1973.


Financial Services

With an ever increased demand for growth capital and financial brokerage services for maritime companies, 1980s marked the birth of Astrup Fearnley’s financial services offering with the establishment of Fearnley Project Finance in 1981 and Fearnley Securities in 1987.


Hans Rasmus Astrup Foundation

Ownership of the Astrup Fearnley Group transferred to the Hans Rasmus Astrup Foundation.


Global Leader

Today, The Astrup Fearnley Group is a leading, independent and global provider of brokerage, research, financial- and advisory services to investors and maritime companies worldwide. The Group has a strong global presence with 320 professionals in 10 countries.

Track Record

Servicing maritime industries since 1869

Global Presence

14 offices in 10 countries across three continents

Dedicated Professionals

320 maritime analysts, brokers and advisors worldwide

Product Offering

Global maritime research, brokerage and advisory services

Our Peoples Mission

To create an unrivalled environment that excite, engage and encourage our talent teams to flourish.


Professionals at Astrup Fearnley have a deep passion for maritime industries and the capital markets. Enthusiasm, excitement and affection for what we do are at the very core of our company culture.


Professionals at Astrup Fearnley participate in competitive situations, get exposed to complex and intellectually engaging tasks, and are constantly encouraged to engage each other and themselves.


Professionals at Astrup Fearnley give each other confidence and backing. Encouragement and support is an integral part of our team culture.

Our Commitment

At the Astrup Fearnley Group we have a stated commitment to ensure that everything we do – every piece of advice we give, every transaction we perform and every interaction in which we take part – shall be done with greatest integrity and in compliance with good business practice and high ethical standards.