We will always remember Hans Rasmus as a low-key,
great owner with visions and ambitions that have
left eternal traces in all of us.

In Memory of

Hans Rasmus Astrup

23.03.1939 – 23.04.2021

His social commitment and generosity towards employees, friends and other close relatives was prominent throughout his life and work. He truly cared about employees and was known for his sociability.

Hans Rasmus Astrup was the fourth-generation owner of the family business that was founded by his great-great-grandfather, Thomas Fearnley in 1869. He took over the brokerage firm after his father’s death in 1972 and concentrated for a long time on the ship brokerage business. With the activities in Fearnleys, Fearnley Offshore Supply, Fearnley Offshore and Fearnley Securities, the brokerage business gradually became a world leader in its fields.

Hans Rasmus’ interest in art developed gradually, and in 1993 the Astrup Fearnley Museum was officially opened. Hans Rasmus Astrup is today considered a significant collector of international contemporary art. He was honored and appointed Commander of the Order of St. Olav in 1998 for his valuable efforts for Norwegian art life and has also been appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE).

Many of our employees are proud to work in a group that has built a significant collection of modern art and established a global leading brokerage business. Hans Rasmus has been an important cultural carrier in the company.

He was often focusing on the importance of being relevant and future oriented. This is something we will bring with us into future work and further development of Astrup Fearnley.

The brokerage business has always been close to Hans Rasmus’ heart and we will continue to develop the firm in his spirit.