Every employee of Astrup Fearnley is an ambassador for Astrup Fearnley’s legacy, brand and reputation. Our success has been, and will continue to be, dependent on the confidence and trust our clients show in us.

– Even Matre Ellingsen

The Astrup Fearnley Group

The Astrup Fearnley Group dates back to 1869 when its founder, Mr. Thomas Fearnley, established a shipbroking and agency business in Christiania, as the city of Oslo was known in those days. Our company has evolved considerably since its establishment in 1869, driven by the changing needs of the global marketplace and an increasingly sophisticated and diverse client base.

Today, more than 150 years later, the Astrup Fearnley Group is a leading, independent and global provider of brokerage, research, financial and advisory services to investors and companies involved across a wide spectrum of industries. Our core commercial focus, expertise and strengths lie within maritime related industries such as shipping, offshore and energy, but we are also active in ancillary sectors such as aquaculture and renewables as well as real estate. Astrup Fearnley has also extensive investments in other business clusters such as forestry, art and real estate.

At Astrup Fearnley, we are committed to ensuring that everything we do – whether it be the advice we provide, the transactions we facilitate, or the interactions in which we engage – are executed in accordance with best business practice and high ethical standards. Our business principles are of such fundamental importance for how we conduct our business that they deserve to be described in more detail.

At Astrup Fearnley we build and maintain trust by conducting every element of our business to the highest standards of integrity.

At Astrup Fearnley we provide timely and valuable services by anticipating the rapidly changing needs of our clients and their markets. We aspire to be more relevant tomorrow than today.

At Astrup Fearnley we value extraordinary individual performance, but our proudest moments arise from the teamwork of our employees for the benefit of our clients and the services we provide them.

Astrup Fearnley’s legacy is a success story created by generations of deeply dedicated employees worldwide, and generations of the Astrup Fearnley family.

I welcome you to get to know more about The Astrup Fearnley Group, what we stand for, how it’s like to work here, and how we can add value to our clients’ commercial decisions and strategic directions.

Sincerely yours,

Even Matre Ellingsen
Astrup Fearnley | Group CEO